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Parent Coordinators– What they do and why you might need one

Horack Talley family law attorney Libby James discusses why would a person choose a parent coordinator with QC Playground QC Playground is CharlotteFive’s channel for parents in the "Queen City" 6/19/2017

The way it’s looking these days, you’ve got about a one in two chance of getting a divorce. That’s not me being negative — those are just the statistics. If you find yourself in that space, you may be wondering what you can do to make this transition easier.

QC Playground reporter, Liz Logan reached out to Charlotte attorney Libby James to give us some insight on a service you may not yet have heard of: Parent coordinators.

Why would a person choose a parent coordinator?

Says James, "A person might request a parent coordinator if there is a high level of conflict or distrust between parents. The parent coordinator becomes the intermediary between the two parents. If you’re dealing with a co-parent who simply will not engage in the children’s lives or refuses to reach an agreement on any issue, the parent coordinator steps in to make decisions."

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